How to Create an “iPod App” of Your STJ iBlog

Create your own STJ iBlog iPod App
Pingo Lingo iPod App

Yes the title of this post is a bit misleading, you won’t really be creating an app. You will be creating a web shortcut to your STJ iBlog with a custom Apple touch icon that looks like an iPod app … in two steps.

First step, get yourself a snazzy gravatar with the admin email from your blog. Make sure your gravatar email, your STJ user email, and the email at Dashboard->Settings->General are all identical. Also double-check that your blog is set to “Show Avatars” at Dashboard->Settings->Discussion->Avatars. Activate the DS Gravatar Favicon plugin.

Second step, on the iPod send Safari to your iblog home page (and click the large  +) and “Add to Home Screen”. Name it and save it.

Add to Home Screen
Add to Home Screen

You are done. There is nothing else, unless you want to fiddle away for a few minutes enabling a special theme to automagically detect when iPods are browsing your blog. How? Activate the WPtouch plugin and then look for Dashboard->Settings->WPtouch. Compare what you see while surfing your blog on your iPod to the same pages you see in a desktop browser.

Pingo Lingo with WPtouch theme/plugin activated
Pingo Lingo with WPtouch theme/plugin activated
Pingo Lingo with the usual "Clown Pants" theme active

Anyway, there you have it: a customized shortcut on your iPod home screen that looks like an iPod app.

Did you know that the iPod will take screenshots by pressing and releasing the home and reset buttons simultaneously? Now all you have to figure out is how to get those images from your iPod photo app up to your blog. Any ideas?