Study Guide: Short Story

  1. Helpful Information (4 points)
    • Synthesize author information to help understand aspects of the story.
    • Explain important allusions
    • Link to other resources/critics/comments
  2. Unfamiliar Words (2 points)
    • Give references and contextual clues.
    • Link to online sources.
  3. Plot Summary(2 points)
  4. Theme (6 points)
  5. Main Fiction Elements (6 points)
  6. Personal Evaluation (6 points)
    • Offer a focused personal response to the story.
    • Mention merits and weaknesses.
    • Consider whether the story fulfilled its purpose as well as your own criteria for good stories.
    • Compare/contrast this story with other stories or other media with similar themes.
    • Need a response to story idea?
  7. Answer Critical Questions (4 points)
  8. “Quotable Quotes” (4 points)
    • Provide a list of key quotations.
  9. Publish Study Guide (6 points)
    • Attend to details that enhance the document.
    • Master key functions of productivity software.
  10. Attachments (Extra Credit)
    • Creative Response. Include a creative response (RAFTS, sequel, dramatization, interview, scene, sketch, etc.).
    • Any handouts, quizzes, media, electronic material, etc.

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