10 Trading with a Christian

slickered – deceived
Sodom and Gomorrah – Biblical cities destroyed by fire because of the sinfulness of the people

  1. How does Granpa help Little Tree to understand and to accept ol’ Ringer’s death?
  2. What advice does Granpa give Little Tree about how to tell if somebody is mean or lying?
  3. Critics believe that some incidents in this novel are intended by the author to be satirical. In what way is Carter satirizing or ridiculing politicians in this chapter?
  4. Little Tree listens to man with the calf and believes his words. He does not follow Granpa’s advice to listen to the man’s tone. Find a passage in this chapter illustrating how the man with the calf uses lies to gain Little Tree’s confidence in the same way the politician uses lies to gain votes.
  5. Find a metaphor in this chapter illustrating the idea that the politicians in Washington are so crooked that they must all watch each other all of the time.
  6. In what sense is Carter satirizing or ridiculing Christians in this chapter?
  7. Find a passage in this chapter illustrating that in Granpa’s opinion, Indians have no power in Washington.
  8. Find an example of a paradoxical expression.