Grade 12 ELA Growth Rubric

5 Excellent

  • Eager to explore in unconventional areas
  • Is excited/intrigued by ambiguity
  • Values the importance of process rather than simply product
  • Divergent thinker
  • Leads and encourages others to consider alternatives
  • Completes tasks with enthusiasm
  • Student learning has taken him/her beyond expectations for final product
  • Becomes leader as needed
  • Deals with dissonance
  • Fulfills obligations to group and class
  • Makes outside connections

4 Proficient

  • Comfortable with exploring in unconventional areas
  • Comfortable with ambiguity
  • Recognizes the importance of process rather than product
  • Divergent thinker
  • Works with others to find alternatives
  • Approaches tasks purposefully
  • Quality producer, carefully planned and executed work
  • Is focused and prepared
  • Fulfills obligations to class and group

3 Satisfactory

  • Will attempt to explore if encouraged
  • Will attempt to make sense of ambiguity
  • Will participate in process with encouragement
  • Accepts conventional interpretation or works toward an understanding of conventional interpretation
  • Works to complete tasks/passive learner
  • Is dependent on teacher leadership
  • Meets required expectations for final product
  • Is usually focused and prepared

2 Developing

  • Is unwilling to explore unconventional areas
  • Work is turned in on time but is incomplete or work is completed but generally comes in late
  • Does not consider or is reluctant to participate in process
  • Reluctant to work through conventional interpretation
  • Reluctant learner
  • Completes little without direct teacher involvement
  • Does not bring material to class and is easily distracted

1 Limited

  • Refuses to explore unconventional areas
  • Unwilling to participate in process
  • Interferes with own learning or the learning of others
  • Does not complete work regardless of direct teacher intervention
  • Work is not complete
  • Misses due dates
  • Work submitted does not reflect the time given
  • Little pride in work is demonstrated
  • Does not come to class prepared to learn; leaves books, homework, writing implements in locker, friend’s car, at home …

(Developed by students at Bowness High School, Calgary.)