Parent Guide: Readtheory KP Goal (50)

Students will be assigned a Readtheory goal in Google Classroom that depends on their accumulated “Knowledge Point” score or KP.

You can help support your child’s learning by asking them to show you their “Readtheory Dashboard” and recording their “Knowledge Point” total at the beginning of the week.  Periodically check that that number is increasing during the week.

I have asked that they accumulate 50 KP this week. I really hope this is attainable in the 1 hour work limit per week per course per child.

If the 50 KP points goal is too hard (or too easy) to achieve in one week, let me know – have the student leave a comment in the assignment stream in Google Classroom. I will make adjustments where necessary.

How can students earn knowledge points?

Students can earn knowledge points in the following ways:
• Answer a regular question correctly: 1KP
• Answer a challenge question correctly: 2KP (+1KP for regular question)
• Pass a quiz: 15KP awarded (70% is a pass in ReadTheory)
• Get a perfect score on a quiz: 30KP awarded