The Education of Little Tree Study Guide Chapter 1

The Education of Little Tree Study Guide Chapter 1
1. Identify and describe the following characters:

  • Wales
  • Granma
  • Little Tree

2. Who is the narrator? Is he/she first or third person?

3. What is the setting (time and place)?

4. Why does Little Tree come to live with his grandparents?

5. Why does the bus driver turn around to the crowd in the bus, raise his right hand, and say “How”?

6. What did Little Tree misunderstand when he described the sick lady on the bus? Why did she yell “Wa…hooo!” with her hand over her mouth?

7. Describe the cabin.

8. Define the following Cherokee terms:

  • Lay-nah
  • Awi usdi
  • Min-e-lee
  • Kagu

9. When the story begins, how old is Little Tree? How does this influence our (the reader’s) knowledge of what is happening?

10. What is dramatic irony? Give an example from this chapter.

11. What does Granma say about Granpa speaking so little?

12. Who gets his way wordlessly?

13. How are these two characters (in #11 and #12) linked by the author?

14. What is Granma’s song about?

15. What is the title of this chapter? How is it significant?

16. What lesson is taught in this chapter? Who is/are the teacher(s)? Who is/are the student(s)?