12 A Dangerous Adventure

  1. State a life lesson Little Tree learns from picking nettles.
  2. Find a passage in this chapter where Carter uses personification to describe nature.
  3. What is the difference between the way the white farmers gather food and the way the Indians gather food?
  4. Mountain people believe that “Every bird that comes around your cabin in the mountains is a sign of something.” What do mountain people learn from each of the following birds?
    • house wren
    • whipoorwill
    • screech owl
    • joe ree
    • blue jay
    • red cardinal
    • turtle dove
    • morning dove
  5. What evidence is there in this chapter that the author is an environmentalist?
  6. How does Granma try to cure Granpa’s rattlesnake bite?
  7. Why does Little Tree think Granpa’s snakebite is his fault? What does Granma say to Little Tree to make him feel better?