English 10 Reading List

1. Thematic Readings
online texts and resource collection(wikipedia, google, evaluation of source/bias)
building a linking lexicon
metacognitive theory(Bloom)

2. The Chrysalids or Lord of the Flies

10-1: Emphasis on literary analysis. Evaluating author’s delivery of theme.
“How is/isn’t the author successful in achieving a desired effect?”

10-2: Emphasis on developing personal response to theme.
“What effect does the writing have on you as reader?”

2. Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare (Omitted or excerpted for 10-2)

4. Short Stories
The Sniper, Liam O’Flaherty
War, Timothy Findley
Jane Goodall and the Chimps, with Vickie Gabereau
Attacked by a Mountain Grizzly, Kathy Cook
To Build a Fire, Jack London
Earthquake, Jack Hodgins

5. Poetry
Superman’s Song,Brad Roberts
The Forecast, Dan Jaffe
Bad Driving, from The Red Green Show
The Shark, E.J. Pratt
Cree Ponies, R.A. Kawalikak
Road Between Saskatoon and Edmonton, Elizabeth Brewster

6. Essays
Why We Grow Insensitive to Dangers David Suzuki
Keep Faith with Nature, Harvey Locke
I Have a Dream, Martin Luther King, Jr.
A Little Salad with Your Night Crawlers, Sir?, Arthur Black
Gotcha!, Robert Fulford
Seven Wonders, Lewis Thomas
Internet Is Hero’s Window, Mara Bellaby
Action Hero, Rulon Openshaw
To Build a Fire, Patrick Fitzgerald
The Saga of Filming “Never Cry Wolf”, Bruce Brown

8. Film
March of the Penguins
Michael Collins
The Atomic Café

9. Web Links
Crossroads 10 Web links
Curriculum Correlations
Language Masters Answer Keys