02 The Way

cache – something stored or hidden in a safe place
cleavage – a division or split
pinged – made a sharp sound

  1. Why does Granpa say that Little Tree can go with him to the high trail, but he will not wake Little Tree up in the morning?
  2. Find an example of personification and simile in this chapter.
  3. Why does Little Tree conclude, “…me and Granpa had us an understanding that most folks didn’t know”?
  4. What does Granpa mean by “The Way”? How does the philosophy of “The Way” apply to deer hunting?
  5. What happens to the bee, who stores more food than it needs? Find a passage in the chapter stating a generalization about life based on the bee story.
  6. In what sense are the turkeys in the trap and the bus driver alike?
  7. What, if anything, does Granpa think Little Tree should do about the bus driver’s bigotry?
  8. How does Granpa let Little Tree know that he has correctly followed “The Way” in selecting which three turkeys to keep? What can you infer from the answer?
  9. Reread the poem at the end of this chapter. According to this poem, what is the soul of the Cherokee?