Discussion Questions on “Enemy Mine”

  1. When Jerry captured Willis, why didn’t Jerry kill Willis?
  2. Recall the scene when Willis forces himself to choke down the “slimy thing on a stick”, why did he eat it?
  3. What do you know about the feud between the Dracs and the humans?
  4. Why did Willis have to carry all the supplies from the crash site to “the forest”? What happened on the way?
  5. Discuss how each character reacts to the rain storm?
  6. Why did Jerry cut Willis loose?
  7. Discuss how each character reacts to the meteor storm – the “zerki”?
  8. Recall the first scene after the first meteor storm where Willis awakes in the cave next to Jerry, why doesn’t Willis kill Jerry?
  9. Discuss the first time Jerry laughs.
  10. Discuss the ideas of survival and revenge. What is the filmmaker suggesting to us about these ideas?
  11. How is Willis use of fuel and water symbolic of Man’s creativity?
  12. What do you think about the character of Jerry so far?
  13. “I don’t love you and you don’t love me, we are stranded here. Understand?” Discuss.
  14. Why/how does Willis teach Jerry English?
  15. Discuss the development of their relationship: hate to dependence.
  16. Which is better for survival, creativity or revenge?
  17. Discuss God, Shismar, Religion, Truth, and Mickey Mouse?
  18. Discuss, “Intelligent life takes a stand.”
  19. Can something come from nothing?
  20. Does God exist?
  21. Does Man have an immortal soul?
  22. Does Man have free will?
  23. Will Willis teach Zammis everything he promised to Jerry?
  24. During the “zerki-storm”, why did they stop trying to kill each other?
  25. Why couldn’t Jerry see during the storm?
  26. Why did Willis learn the Jareeba line from Jerry?
  27. Is Zammis going to be able to learn his lineage, language?
  28. Who are the scavengers?
  29. How much less complicated would human life be if birth just happened?
  30. Why are there 5 Drac names in a family line?
  31. Will Willis take Zammis to the council to recite his lineage?
  32. Why are humans so scared to bring up Christ in a conversation?
  33. Will Willis and/or Zammis ever leave Fyrine IV?
  34. Why are humans better suited for the cold weather?
  35. Discuss “Within yourself, you are alone.”
  36. Why does Willis lie about the Scavengers to Jerry? Is it the right choice?
  37. What choice is Willis faced with when Jerry dies?
  38. How come Willis doesn’t know his own lineage?
  39. Why does Willis leave after the fight with Jerry?
  40. If Willis returns to earth, will he take Zammis?
  41. Discuss the product placement midway through the film.
  42. How should Zammis feel while Willis tells him he is Drac and not Human?
  43. Why do humans refer to Dracs as “toadface”?
  44. What “teacher” will Zammis worship?
  45. What is M.A.D.?
  46. Why is it important to step in or speak out in someone’s defense? When is it important to keep silent?
  47. What role do political, racial, and religious issues play in “Enemy Mine”?
  48. What role does gender play in “Enemy Mine”?
  49. What things do we value in people? Are these things the same in all cultures?
  50. How accurate are first impressions based on appearances?
  51. What role do language and culture play in perceptions of people?
  52. How can discrimination affect one’s judgement of people? How can we prevent discrimination?
  53. What racial tensions exist in our society?
  54. How do we resolve racial tensions and conflicts in our society? How ought we…?
  55. What is the best way to ensure world peace?
  56. How should we deal with unjust and unfair situations? How should we speak out or act against injustice?