Julius Caesar Assignments

The assignments are your personal record of responses to issues in the text. Sometimes these assignments will be private reflections. Many assignments, however, will be ones that you would enjoy sharing with a friend, a small group, with a teacher, or with the whole world.

The activities found in the “For the Next Scene” sections allow you to record personal responses to issues that will be presented in the next scene of the play. You are encouraged to transform some of these initial thoughts into posts to share with others, e.g. personal essays, poems, short stories.

Blog Assignments: 5 x ( _/8 ) = __/40
Creative Writing: 5 x ( __/8 ) = __/40

Blog Assignments for Julius Caesar
The blog assignments you choose to publish should be kept in a separate category of your blog. For assignments which must be kept private, you could password protect the post. Attempt all of the following in your notebook/binder/drafts, but choose one from each Act to publish in your blog. Typically these assignments will be critical essays of 3-5 body paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion.

I. p. 2 #1-7; p. 15 #1,2,3,6,7; p. 36 #1,7; p. 50 #2; p. 52 #4;
II. p. 76 #2,4; p. 88 #1,3; p. 98 #2; p. 99 #2;
III. p. 122 #2; p. 142 #2; p. 151 #1; p. 152 #6;
IV. p. 160 #1,3; p. 168 #3; p. 192 #1,2; p. 193 #4,5; p. 194 #1;
V. p. 206 #1,3; p. 220 #2,3,4; p. 234 #2,3; p. 235 #1; p. 237 #8

Creative Writing Activities for Julius Caesar
Like an artist’s studio the creative writing portfolio contains the following: raw materials, works in progress, (temporarily) abandoned works, and finished pieces. Like the artist’s studio, the creative writing portfolio becomes the repository from which the writer makes selections of what is worth exhibiting (or submitting) for evaluation. As you fill your portfolio with writing activities, make your own choices about what is to be polished or published.

Most writing activities require you to manipulate writing variables. You are asked to write in a voice other than your own, to write for a designated audience, and to write in styles that range from colloquial to formal.

Choose several of the following activities to experiment with in your creative writing portfolio. Use your blog entries for ideas or discuss other ideas with your teacher. You will decide which activities to submit for evaluation. Your final presentation for evaluation will have a specific genre as its focus. Choose one of the following:

p. 36 #4; p. 37 #9; p. 50 #3; p. 77 #5; p. 122  #3, p. 142 #4; p. 150 #1; p. 160 #2b; p. 160 #2; p. 161 #4; p. 160 #2a; p. 168 #2; p. 194 #3; p. 194 #2; p. 220 #1; p. 235 #2; p. 235 #6; p. 238 #9