Study Guide: Poetry

  1. Author, Title (4 points)
    • Include any helpful biographical information to help explain aspects of the poem.
    • Explain any allusions in the title.
    • Identify purpose of the poem.
    • Links to other resources.
  1. Unfamiliar Words (2 points)
    • Give line references and contextual clues.
  1. Basic Content(2 points)
    • Review the main thoughts and organizational structure.
    • Paraphrase important lines.
  1. Figurative Elements (6 points)
    • Identify emotionally charged words.
    • Explain any images/actions that can be interpreted as symbols and defend your choice.
    • Explain the use of poetic devices: repetition, couplet, rhyme, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, juxtaposition, alliteration, irony, stanza, meter, synechdoche, pun, paradox.
  1. Theme (6 points)
    • Write one theme statement, then explain your reasons for arriving at this statement. Offer quotes/details from the poem that support the statement.
    • Offer sub-themes and discuss author’s overall purpose, providing quotes/details from the poem in support.
  1. Personal Evaluation (6 points)
    • Offer a personal response to the poem.
    • Consider whether the poem fulfilled its purpose as well as your own criteria for good poems.
    • Compare/contrast this poem with other poems or other media with similar theme(s).
  1. Answer Questions (4 points)
    • Identify and answer appropriate questions raised by yourself, teacher, text, class discussion.
  1. “Quotable Quotes” (4 points)
    • Provide a list of key quotes.
  1. Publish Study Guide (6 points)
    • Design an appealing layout.
    • Attend to details that enhance the document.
    • Master key functions of productivity software.