R&J Q&A Act 3

Act 3, Scene 1

  1. Which of the young men is the peacemaker in this scene? How does he connect the weather to people’s feelings?
  2. When Tybalt asks Romeo to draw his sword, he says, “Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries / That thou has done me.” What “injuries” is he talking about?
  3. Quote Romeo’s response.
  4. How does Mercutio become involved in this fight? What happens to Mercutio?
  5. This serious scene includes a pun by Mercutio about death. Quote and explain the pun.
  6. Why does Montague say that Romeo should be pardoned for killing Tybalt?
  7. Give the Prince’s response to the killing.

Act 3, Scene 2

  1. When the nurse approaches Juliet in the orchard to speak with her, what does Juliet think at first?
  2. Why does Juliet disagree with statements by the nurse?
  3. Juliet has mixed emotions about Tybalt’s death and about Romeo, but what bothers her the most?

Act 3, Scene 3

  1. Quote statements by Romeo that indicate he shares Juliet’s feelings about his exile.
  2. When the Friar protests that being exiled is a merciful sentence, how does Romeo respond?
  3. Romeo carries his reference to flies into a pun. Quote and explain the pun.
  4. How is Romeo finally comforted?

Act 3, Scene 4

  1. Report Capulet’s instructions to his wife.

Act 3, Scene 5

  1. Quote the lines that indicate it is morning. Also, tell why Juliet says the birdsong was a nightingale’s.
  2. How does Romeo convince Juliet that he should leave?
  3. Quote lines that foreshadow Romeo’s death.
  4. List the metaphors by which Capulet describes Juliet’s sobbing.
  5. Locate clues to Capulets feelings when Juliet refuses to marry Paris.
  6. Juliet says, “Thou has comforted me marvellous much.” To whom is she speaking, what is her tone, and why does she say this?
  7. Why is Juliet going to see the Friar? What else may she be planning?
  8. Does Juliet plan to confide in the nurse? Quote lines to support your answer.