03 Shadows on a Cabin Wall

resin – a solid organic substance taken from a tree

  1. Why do Granpa and Little Tree go to the settlement once a month? Briefly describe the way Granma is trying to educate Little Tree.
  2. What is Granpa’s opinion of Lady Macbeth and Julius Caesar?
  3. Why does Granma skip some history chapters dealing with George Washington? What is Granpa’s opinion of politicians?
  4. How does Granpa react when he learns that George Washington supported the whiskey tax? Why did Thomas Jefferson oppose this tax?
  5. Many of the chapters in The Education of Little Tree are complete stories, with all five elements of plot. Briefly describe the incidents which make up the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution (denouement) for this chapter?
  6. What literary term is used in the two examples below?
    • “…was they more than one?”
    • “…they ought to made theirselves known and settled it square out.”