Effective writers and speakers use rhetorical strategies and devices to strengthen their arguments. Research the meaning of the strategy or device listed below and write a brief explanation of each one.

Strategy or device What is it? Why is it effective?
Rhetorical questions  define  explain with example
Analogies  define  explain with example
Effective Quotations  define  explain with example
Anecdotes  define  explain with example
Statistics  define  explain with example
Imagery  define  explain with example
Repetition of key words or phrases  define  explain with example
Establishing common ground  define  explain with example
Citing reliable sources  define  explain with example
Anticipating opposing arguments  define  explain with example
Creating straw-man arguments  define  explain with example

With a partner, review a popular online blog (ex, CBC blogs, Rex Murphy, Rick Mercer, Jon Stewart) and discuss which of these strategies are used. Which ones are most effective? Why?