ELA 9 Short Story Study Group Project

Overall Purpose
Students work together to complete a series of tasks related to literature studies culminating in the development of a Thematic Paragraph and Study Guide.

ELA 9 “How Can I …” Group Outcomes

Learner Outcomes
• All students will produce reading notes from a viable note-taking method – Cornell Notes, Strategies that Good Readers Use.
• All students collaborate to produce a paragraph plan.
• All students collaborate to produce a Thematic Paragraph.
• All student collaborate to produce study guide on a short story.

The Groups

The Plan

  1. “The Heads Up Head Start” aka Task 1
    1. All groups read “On The Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter from Crossroads.
    2. Each group then produces a paragraph response on theme.
      • Thematic Paragraph: What idea(s) does the author suggest to you about our identity and sense of self?
      • focus on developing valid, meaningful, “parsable” topic sentences; supporting details; transitions; “linking lexicon”; and closing sentences. Avoid “Dropping Quotes” or mentioning literary techniques with little/no relevance to developing theme.
      • Insist on a plan of the paragraph before accepting the published written paragraph
        • Keyword/Sentence Outline.
  2. “First Come, First Served” aka Task 2
    1. As groups complete and “pass” Task I, they select from the following list of stories to complete a study guide:
      • “G. Trueheart, Man’s Best Friend”
      • “Thank You Ma’am”
      • “Kath and Mouse”
      • “The Leaving”
      • “A Sunrise on the Veld.”
    2. Produce a Study Guide (from Short Stories Study Guide handout).

Thematic Paragraph Rubric Score /100
Study Guide Rubric Score /40

[gview file=”https://pingo.snowotherway.org/files/gtrueheart.doc”]

ELA 9 “I Can…” Group Outcomes