R&J Q&A Act 1 Prologue


  1. The Prologue gives information to the reader/viewer. What does it suggest the play is about? What does it say about the plot and the length of the play?
  • two families alike in dignity(honor and respect)
  • Verona
  • both equal rank to Prince Escalus
  • Montagues(Romeo) and Capulets(Juliet)
  • feud: “ancient grudge break to new mutiny”
  • “civil” bloodshed
  • “fatal loins” born by destiny/fate to be “foes”
  • “star-crossed” lovers – bad luck
    • Romeo = star #1
    • Juliet = star #2
    • Triva: What human was the first “moon-watcher”?
    • Suicide- “take their life”
    • sorta like Pyramus and Thisbe
  • “misadventured piteous overthrows”
  • Doth =does
  • parents’ strife = “continuance of their parents’ rage”
  • “fearful passage oftheirdeath-mark’d love”
    • What happens after death?
    • What happens after death by suicide?
    • Do we have immortal soul?
      • My soul is made of stuff not made of stuff.
    • What is eternity?
  • “nought” = nothing can prevent the death of R&J
  • “patient ears attend” = shut up and listen
  • What is missing from the prologue will be in the play – duh!
  • Something about boats as metaphors – allusion to Greek mythology Charron, Styx, Hades
  • length of the play
    • 2 hours “traffic of our stage”
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