English 30-1 March 2020 Midterm: The Blind Side

DIRECTIONS: Write a well-organized composition on the topic below.

The most profound discovery that we can make is our discovery of self. Our identity rests in the kind of people we are. To understand who we are and to develop fully as human beings, we must explore the nature of our humanness and the purpose of our lives.

During our study of The Blind Side we didn’t want to focus just on the individual striving for identity, but we focused as often as we could on how those around us shape who we become. We looked closely at the integral roles other people play in our lives.

By examining the relationships in our lives, we can find meaning and fulfillment as human beings.

Our discussions of details from The Blind Side focused on a character(s) examining related questions about the role others play in our lives: How should we treat people? What characteristics make people liked and respected? What is the meaning of love? How can it be destructive? How do people confuse love with other feelings? How do we get our needs met through our relationships with others?.

The Blind Side, directed by John Lee Hancock based on the book by Michael Lewis, the protagonist, Michael, explores the nature of our humanness and the purpose of our lives. Using detailed references from the work, explain the role(s) people play in Michael’s life.

As you write your composition, remember to:

  • Give the title, director, and writer of the work.
  • Give specific examples, reasons, and details to explain the role(s) people play in Michael’s life.
  • Give any necessary plot information but avoid giving a plot summary.
  • Write coherent and well-developed paragraphs. Use a five-paragraph expository essay approach.
  • Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
Expository Literary Essay Plan
Expository Literary Essay Plan