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  • Teen Book Recommendations Needed

    There is an increasing appetite among STJ bloggers for fresh books to read. At the STJ Library blog the list of books read and reviewed keeps increasing, however, I fear the lack of choice in our current library stacks may soon inhibit this momentum. So, I’d like to try something to abate/assuage my fears. In […]

  • Book Reviews for LA 9

    Today I was asked: “How do I write a book review?” Here’s a quick trip about what I found:  My first stop was at Amazon. With each book is a snippet of a responses from readers/buyers/sellers. The purpose of the reviews are simple – take a few seconds to write a sharply worded sentence or two […]

  • “These are Aliens, Dad!”

    Some have noticed that some otherwise regular discussions in class eventually turn to a discussion of, um…, ahh… well …, poop. The inspiration of such mudtimes no doubt erupt from experience with my three growing boys aged 6, 4, and 2. Several days may pass without reference to “it.” But when the subject rears its […]

  • Macbeth Act 2 Quiz Hints

    “What goes around comes around” “Pillow Talk” “Smear Campaign” “A Canadian Moment” “Sibling Rivalry” Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”

  • Hotlinking Images? We have all done it. Warnings!Warnings!Warnings!

    When adding an image to your page with a link to an image on another site, you may get unexpected results. This is called hotlinking: when images appear to be embedded on your page, but are simply linked to someone else’s page. Advantages: no bandwidth or disk quota used from your account because you are […]