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  • Writing Tips from the Lab

    What I should do…. Bucky says, “Determining the factors that will be most powerful is on of the greatest pressures.” Megan says, “Reread to find mistakes like writing you, it, and thing.” Shustyn says,” Stop generalizing everything at the beginning of the post.” Chetter says, “Make more debatable topic sentences.” Sarah says, “ Quit writing […]

  • Book Reviews for LA 9

    Today I was asked: “How do I write a book review?” Here’s a quick trip about what I found:  My first stop was at Amazon. With each book is a snippet of a responses from readers/buyers/sellers. The purpose of the reviews are simple – take a few seconds to write a sharply worded sentence or two […]

  • Writing Tips

    I found a scribbled, hastily assembled, crumpled piece of paper simply titled “Tips” in my desk today. As far as I recall, it was the product of grading a set of essays a couple years ago on the novel Wild Geese by Martha Ostenso. A common practice of mine after reading/marking a set of essays […]

  • Semester Begins: Overcoming Tech Obstacles

    Welcome to new STJ bloggers. No doubt you are learning new skills very quickly, but take your time to figure it all out, depend on each other, and ask questions of your teacher. Grade 9 bloggers overcame a snag in the STJ email server(again!). The server simply stopped sending email until our division techies fixed […]

  • Hamlet: Final Response

    Choose a focus for your final response to Hamlet. Synthesize alternative points of view, (include links to sources: your posts, STJ blogs, etc.). Review your responses throughout our study: Thaw, resolve, adieu… Hamlet Getting Started 2 Is Polonius a Good Father? Hamlet: Before Act 1 and 2 Why read literature? Writing tips: Outcome-Illustrating Verbs Voice […]

  • Kimberley Klein Wins $10000 Scholarship

    Congratulations Kimberley! The two runners up, Jess Kim and Shelley Batts, will each be awarded $1,000. The remaining 7 finalists in the top 10 will be sent a $100 award for their participation. This includes: Thomas Peters Matthew Burden Grant Brisbee Paul Stamatiou Shane Lavalette Stephanie Collins Karin Dalziel Any surprises? Kimberly Klein was a […]

  • Student blog will win $10,000 Scholarship

    One blogger chosen by “the internet” will win $10,000 US scholarship … for keeping a blog. As the ratio of high school student blogs I read to the number of college student blogs I read approaches infinity, I think it a good time we troll a few of the best college bloggers in the US. […]

  • LOTF: Focus on Voice

    Consequences How do we live with the consequences of our decision making? Related Questions: What are the consequences of an important decision that you have made recently? What are informed decisions? What are uninformed decisions? What role does foresight play in our decision making? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hindsight? What is the […]

  • … I would not have heard of Paul Potts.

  • Outcome-Illustrating Verbs

    AKA Strong Verbs Knowledge of terminology; specific facts; ways and means of dealing with specifics (conventions, trends and sequences, classifications and categories, criteria, methodology); universals and abstractions in a field (principles and generalizations, theories and structures): Knowledge is (here) defined as the remembering (recalling) of appropriate, previously learned information: Arrange; defines; describes; duplicate; enumerates; identifies; […]