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  • Parent Guide: The Scarlet Ribbon

    Parent Guide: The Scarlet Ribbon

    This week in class, we’re reading “The Scarlet Ribbon” by Emily Hoffman. “The Scarlet Ribbon” explores how difficult it is to keep people away from what brings them joy. As we read, we will be discussing the themes of Beauty & Happiness, Fate & Free Will, and Love as they relate to the text. We are trying to answer […]

  • Parent Guide: A Lifeline for Lions

    Parent Guide: A Lifeline for Lions

    This week in class, we’re reading “A Lifeline for Lions ” by Pamela S. Turner. In the informational text “A Lifeline for Lions,” Pamela S. Turner discusses an outbreak of a disease that negatively impacted Serengeti National Park’s lion population in 1994. As we read, we will be discussing the themes of Community, Man vs. Nature, and Social Change […]

  • After Act 5 (English 30)

    Respond to one of the following: Do you think Rosencrantz and Guildenstern deserved to be put to death? What alternatives might Hamlet have taken? Examine Hamlet’s reasoning and consider whether you think Hamlet was seeking justice or revenge? Why does Horatio tell Hamlet he will lose the contest? Why is Horatio correct? Throughout most of […]

  • An Interpretation of Hamlet

    (30-1) For hundreds of years, scholars have written about problems of interpreting this play. Complete any of the following statements and develop your thoughts in an entry in your blog. Trackback, SVP. What puzzles me most about Hamlet’s behaviour is . . . I don’t understand why Shakespeare included (didn’t include) . . . My […]

  • Audio Posts (But not quite podcasts, yet)

    Or rather, Audio in Posts. They’re not iTunesey podcasts, yet, but they’re simple enough. Your mp3 file must be less than 2MB and uploaded to your blog in the normal way. Go find the menu in Dashboard–>Options–>Audio Player. Read the check boxes, the third check box will automagically change your mp3 links in your posts […]

  • Flickr Plugin works, again.

    Flickr changed how you access your images in early September. So I’ve updated the plugin. You’ll need to have an “API Key” and a “Shared Secret”, now. It is a good idea to put images on Flickr instead, or in addition to, stj servers. Flickr badges are cool, too. Do not activate the Flickr plugin […]

  • Style Your Blog

    Before you go further, choose a theme that has a “Theme Editor” (variously titled such as “Theme Options”, “Edit Styles”). Choose a theme that allows you to change the header image AND the font colours(StripedPlus isn’t only one, is it?). Step One: Title your blog.(do not use your name) Step Two: Write your own one […]

  • Ten Minute Spill

    Write a ten-line poem. Find a proverb, adage, familiar phrase, or brainy quote that you have changed in some way as well as five of the following words: cliff, blackberry, needle, cloud, voice, mother, whir, lick. You have ten minutes. No rhyming. P.S. We will be practising poetry posting permanently. Please create categories in your […]

  • Plato’s Cave Allegory

    from Republic, BOOK VII And now, I said, let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened: Behold! human beings living in a underground den, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the den; here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs […]