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  • I wish to dwell on Ophelia (Eng. 30)

    Many scholars discuss the significance of Ophelia only as far as she impacts the development of the character of Hamlet. I hate that. Ophelia is far more important than the 5 scenes in which she appears. The tragedy of Ophelia deserves more considered attention. Write about the life and death of Ophelia. Write about the […]

  • Unversal Ideals

    ENGLISH 30 Comments only SVP. Scour your notes, “google” your minds, attach a comment with an idea, impression, concept. Make references to literature, film, philosophy, history, psychology, business, politics, etc. Keep your comments brief, 10-50 words. Comment as often as you like. Are there universal ideals for which we all strive?

  • ENGLISH 30 Creation vs Destruction? (or somewhere in between?)

    ENGLISH 30 Read Greene’s “The Destructors” Discuss anything you wish on your blog after giving the story full consideration. Synthesize into your discussion of the the story some/many/any ideas from: Universal ideals   Personality or Character