Tag: Pedagogy 2.0

  • Business tests students: Part Deux.

    From Alberta Education: Computer Adaptive Assessment Computer Adaptive Assessment (CAA) is a made-in-Alberta approach to address the individual learning needs of our students through an innovative use of technology. It is a school-based computer assessment tool that immediately ‘adapts’ or tailors the difficulty of each test to the individual student. The CAA initiative provides an […]

  • Private business vending tests to students

    I heard about our school division particpation in a private business site geared at “vending” standardized acheivement tests to students, today . . . a day before an English 30 final, 3 weeks after the L.A. 9 final Part A, and a week after all grade 10 classes have wrapped up. A third party, non-government, […]

  • One Person Creates Stonehenge 2.0

    The simplicity is most amazing. (I think I just figured out how to move my trailer into a tight camping space.)

  • “These are Aliens, Dad!”

    Some have noticed that some otherwise regular discussions in class eventually turn to a discussion of, um…, ahh… well …, poop. The inspiration of such mudtimes no doubt erupt from experience with my three growing boys aged 6, 4, and 2. Several days may pass without reference to “it.” But when the subject rears its […]

  • Looking for News

    Try the following suggestions to increase your daily intake of news feeds. Surf the latest headlines from all over the world. Results are based on google search rankings, the larger the font –> the more hits in google, I recall. Headlines link to an array of news organizations. Aggregate a few headlines from, say, cbc.ca/rss […]