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  • While you read…Brave New World

    Using the format of a blog, comment at the end of each reading session on both the substance of your reading and its effects on you. Record pages or sections on which you are commenting. Record your impressions of characters, events, conflicts, descriptions. Record responses to your own questions. Record questions about the novel as…

  • Religion 25 Students Revise Exam Questions

    Submit any revisions you would like to make to the existing Religion 25 exams (see the links in the sidebar). Thanks.

  • Students Choose Questions on Religion 25 Final

    I have too many questions. Only 49 will appear on the exam. Look at the list of questions students have submitted and suggest the questions that should be dropped. Additional or replacement questions can be suggested as well. Oh, the essay question is NOT optional. Recall the deal about the cookie swap we have planned.

  • Nihilism

  • Three Questions – by Leo Tolstoy

    One day it occurred to a certain emperor that if he only knew the answers to three questions, he would never stray in any matter. What is the best time to do each thing? Who are the most important people to work with? What is the most important thing to do at all times? The…