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  • ELA 20 Final Writing Assignment

    Write a post in response to a text you read in ELA 20 in which you discuss 3-5 ideas the text creator suggests to you about The Human Condition-In Search of Self. Consider the course focus: The most profound discovery that we can make is our discovery of self. Our identity rests in the kind […]

  • 2009-10 Courses Underway: “Out of the frying pan and into the Lab”

    After two days the Grade 8, 9a and 9b classes have created a blog, changed their Profile password, started their Blogroll, and been introduced to a general pattern for a new post: start with a good idea 3-5 paragraphs 3-5 links, and an image. It looks like it’ll take a period or two just to […]

  • English 10: Final Essay 2008

    Choose one of the following: Write an essay based on literature you have studied in which the author examines Life Pressures. What idea(s) does the writer develop regarding Life Pressures? Write an essay based on literature you have studied in which the author examines Values. What idea(s) does the writer develop regarding Values? Write an […]

  • English 10: Decisions–Action or Apathy

    We must constantly make decisions in daily life. Some decisions are simple choices while others affect people’s entire lives. Furthermore, every decision has consequences and often there is not a clear alternative. Decisions involve weighing alternatives and considering the consequences. This is an opportunity for students to examine values, beliefs, and pressures that surround decision […]

  • Novel Study Preflight Checklist

    Read a Novel from the Reading List: focus your responses on a course focus question think “creatively” about your response connect to characters you’ve already studied extend your response to include symbol and archetype consider “Critical Questions“ emphasize “Voice” and/or “Structure” in your responses consider “Writing About Literature”(page 9-14) in Heath considered other essay writing […]

  • Hamlet: Final Response

    Choose a focus for your final response to Hamlet. Synthesize alternative points of view, (include links to sources: your posts, STJ blogs, etc.). Review your responses throughout our study: Thaw, resolve, adieu… Hamlet Getting Started 2 Is Polonius a Good Father? Hamlet: Before Act 1 and 2 Why read literature? Writing tips: Outcome-Illustrating Verbs Voice […]

  • Prepare for English Language Arts Finals

    For those in the midst, or looking ahead at finals in my LA classes(9, 10-1, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2). Consider the outcomes we’ve tried to achieve. Enhancing the artistry of communication has been a strong technical focus. Skills mastered include using online blogging tools, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, even graphical enhancements using Photoshop or audio/video podcasting […]

  • Bloggiest start to the bloggiest year ever.

    What a funny word, “bloggiest”. Should I say it is a “most bloggy” start to the year? Does correct English matter in a blog? All students I teach have begun a blog, of sorts. For the most part, I’ve insisted the content of the blog must be school or course related, the myriad responses to […]

  • Anti-Bullying Song Research Assignment

    Blog an online research about a song that relates to Heather’s workshop(s) about: Bullying Domestic Violence Peace Getting Along Requirements: Lyrics, portions cut’pasted with hyperlink to source. 250-words: What is going on in the song? What is the message the artist is trying to send? How do you feel about this message? How does it […]