Better directions for In The News assignments for L.A. 9

Pick a question(s) from “The Human Condition” course focus questions.

Read a news story(or 3-5 related stories) that in some way explore “The Human Condition.” (adding RSS widgets from is a great way to do this.)

Write about the news while at the same time responding to the focus question(s).

Make sure your writing is in your own voice at all times, and that after reading your writing the reader learns something about the news story, something about “The Human Condition”, and something about your personal identity.

Who am I? We often speak of one’s “personal identity” as what makes one the person one is. Your identity in this sense consists roughly of those properties that make you unique as an individual and different from others. Or it is the way you see or define yourself. Or it may be the network of values and convictions that structure your life.

An example from me illustrates the question, Why do we do what we do?.

From my example, what is learned about the news? What is learned about how I see “The Human Condition”(hint: which question(s) have I attempted to answer)? What is learned about my personal identity?

Please pingback a new sample of your writing about the news to this post, and/or leave a comment.

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