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  • 2009 English 10 Final Exam

    Consider the “Decisions–Action or Apathy” focus questions. Focus your discussion on a book(s) you have read this term. What ideas(s) does the author of your chosen text(s) reveal to you about values, beliefs, and pressures that surround decision making? Pingback/comment your final post here.

  • Teen Book Recommendations Needed

    There is an increasing appetite among STJ bloggers for fresh books to read. At the STJ Library blog the list of books read and reviewed keeps increasing, however, I fear the lack of choice in our current library stacks may soon inhibit this momentum. So, I’d like to try something to abate/assuage my fears. In […]

  • Precious Gifts: The Consequences of Reading in Grade 10

    A student asked me today, “When are we going to start that Poetry unit?” I have more than once looked at the cardboard box of Grade 10 poetry textbooks and asked the same question. The box sits neglected in an my otherwise abandoned classroom as I have spent the entire semester teaching in the library […]

  • Better directions for In The News assignments for L.A. 9

    Pick a question(s) from “The Human Condition” course focus questions. Read a news story(or 3-5 related stories) that in some way explore “The Human Condition.” (adding RSS widgets from cbc.ca/rss/ is a great way to do this.) Write about the news while at the same time responding to the focus question(s). Make sure your writing […]

  • Focus Questions for LA 9, English 10, and English 20

    After mulling over the possibilities of focus in my own mind, discussion in the STJ forums amongst students, and reflecting on literature choices from the first two weeks of class I’ve decide the following: Language Arts 9 will focus on “The Human Condition – In Search of Self.” Early course discussions emphasized relationships (family and […]

  • Canadian Poetry Unit Plan

    I’ve selected three mini-units for our study of Canadian Poetry: Individuals Losers Outsiders Throughout your study, think carefully and creatively about responses to your course focus questions. Maintain a connection to characters you’ve already studied. Extend your discussion of image, symbol, and archetype. Consider: Principal Images of Heaven and Hell and Principal Images of Innocence […]

  • Short Story Unit Plan

    Given: I have a variety of online etexts of classic short stories. Each story is linked to a discussion forum of the author. I have a Short Story Study Guide template. I figure this template will suffice for a multi-threaded response from a blog. Design a clear “map” for me to follow for assessment. I […]

  • Prepare for English Language Arts Finals

    For those in the midst, or looking ahead at finals in my LA classes(9, 10-1, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2). Consider the outcomes we’ve tried to achieve. Enhancing the artistry of communication has been a strong technical focus. Skills mastered include using online blogging tools, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, even graphical enhancements using Photoshop or audio/video podcasting […]