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  • Same Circus, New Clowns, … and New Clown Pants

    I was thinking this morning I had better push out a list of some items new and returning students should have or soon add to their sites: update choice of themes, revised site titles and tag lines. check profile and update any details – especially your password and email details (must be your active […]

  • February 2010: Update your blog, email, and forum settings

    Check your email: manage your contacts deal with your spam organize mail into folders turn chat on/off create or update a spreadsheet document Login to (or create) your blog: update your profile – email address manage your comments manage your links update your tagline manage your categories and tags confirm your privacy settings confirm your […]

  • dsader Wins 2008 WPMU Plugin Competition

    Today, I won first place in the first WPMU Plugin competition for a plugin called “Toggle Admin Menus“. The plugin allows SiteAdmins to reshape the core user menu system for WordPressMU. Here at STJ I needed the plugin to simplify the admin menus for students for a couple of reasons. First, some core menus had […]

  • Focus Questions for LA 9, English 10, and English 20

    After mulling over the possibilities of focus in my own mind, discussion in the STJ forums amongst students, and reflecting on literature choices from the first two weeks of class I’ve decide the following: Language Arts 9 will focus on “The Human Condition – In Search of Self.” Early course discussions emphasized relationships (family and […]

  • Are your posts “readable”?

    I’ve added a bit of mumbo jumbo to the edit-post form to show readability stats. The function shows word/sentence count and: The Gunning-Fog index gives the number of years of education needed to understand the text. Short, plain sentences score better than long, complicated sentences. Based on words per sentence and “hard” words per sentence. […]

  • Big changes in the Mac Lab

    The new MacPro server is set up and ready to go and each new iMac is lit up and rolling. Still a couple install bugs I have to sort out: like naming each computer(minor error at startup as Leopard assigns its own name). They should get you to the net and back. I’ve spent far […]

  • Welcome back

    Welcome back

  • Semester Begins: Overcoming Tech Obstacles

    Welcome to new STJ bloggers. No doubt you are learning new skills very quickly, but take your time to figure it all out, depend on each other, and ask questions of your teacher. Grade 9 bloggers overcame a snag in the STJ email server(again!). The server simply stopped sending email until our division techies fixed […]