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  • No Class is Complete Without a Film Study

    Watch Kingdom of Heaven and consider the following questions: What religious symbols are prominent throughout the film, and what was their purpose and place? Have you ever been in a conversation that was cut short with the phrase “god wills it”? “To kill an infidel is not murder, it is the path to heaven!” Discuss. […]

  • Leaving STJ? Take your blog with you.

    Dashboard–>Manage–>Export Save the xml file to your disk/USB. Start a new blog at WordPress.com or Edublogs Dashboard–>Manage–>Import–>Wordpress Done. You could start your own blog on a shared server, but for true blog freedom, master your own domain and install WAMP MAMP or LAMP and WordPress yourself. I don’t plan on “pruning” the server database till […]

  • In the News(CTS bloggers)

    CBC RSS feeds. Browse the many RSS feed categories. Select at least one to be added to your blog’s sidebar. Copy(right-click or control-click) a feed url from CBC RSS feeds. Go to Dashboard–>Presentation–>Sidebar Widgets–>Add RSS widgets. Drag RSS widget to your sidebar. Paste the url into the RSS widget. Save and view site.

  • Creat a Sitemap for your blog

    Write a page(not a post). Title it Sitemap. You’ll find the code here that you’ll need to paste into your page. Enter Sitemap as the Page Slug. Disable Comments and Pings. Publish. Go to Dashboard–>Options–>DDSitemapGen. Enter the same Slug, update. Add the link to the sitemap via your theme’s menu or sidebar or add a […]

  • Audio Posts (But not quite podcasts, yet)

    Or rather, Audio in Posts. They’re not iTunesey podcasts, yet, but they’re simple enough. Your mp3 file must be less than 2MB and uploaded to your blog in the normal way. Go find the menu in Dashboard–>Options–>Audio Player. Read the check boxes, the third check box will automagically change your mp3 links in your posts […]

  • Moving, Graduating, Take your blog with you.

    In your dashboard, under ‘Options/Reading’, you need to check that the number of posts under ‘Syndication feeds’ is set to At LEAST the number of posts in your blog, and that the feed is set to ‘Full text’ before saving it as an .xml file.(look for the xml link in browser bar or meta somewhere […]

  • New Widgets for Widget Enabled Themes

    Quick SMS has evolved into “Snow-Mobile.” It’s still a cell phone text messenger, though. Created a “Snowblower.” Look at snowflakes for a demonstration. Enjoy. PS. Thanks for your patience, if dropping Quick SMS borked your theme with a fatal error it’s not all that fatal. Click on “Sidebar Widgets” in your Dashboard and all is […]

  • Grades 7-9 can catch snowflakes

    Check out the snowflakes feed in your dashboard for blog ideas.

  • Hamlet next for English 30

    Grade 12s. I must have your data from the first two/three blog assignments ASAP. Have a look in your Dashboard==>Plugins. Freely restrict/limit access to your blog by activating plugins, especially the capatchas.

  • Ten Minute Spill

    Write a ten-line poem. Find a proverb, adage, familiar phrase, or brainy quote that you have changed in some way as well as five of the following words: cliff, blackberry, needle, cloud, voice, mother, whir, lick. You have ten minutes. No rhyming. P.S. We will be practising poetry posting permanently. Please create categories in your […]