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  • Writing Tips

    I found a scribbled, hastily assembled, crumpled piece of paper simply titled “Tips” in my desk today. As far as I recall, it was the product of grading a set of essays a couple years ago on the novel Wild Geese by Martha Ostenso. A common practice of mine after reading/marking a set of essays […]

  • So I was listening to Music from the Junos . . .(RS25)

    The lyrics from K-OS’s, “Heaven Only Knows,” struck a chord with something we had been discussing in class about “mysticism.” Discuss the following K-OS lyrics based on what we’ve learned when comparing Western and Eastern Mysticism. Have a careful listen to a variety of current or classic tunes by a variety of recording artists. Which […]

  • Ten Minute Spill

    Write a ten-line poem. Find a proverb, adage, familiar phrase, or brainy quote that you have changed in some way as well as five of the following words: cliff, blackberry, needle, cloud, voice, mother, whir, lick. You have ten minutes. No rhyming. P.S. We will be practising poetry posting permanently. Please create categories in your […]