Lord of the Flies Written Response

Read Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Choose one of the following approaches as a final written response to the novel:

1. Write a 5 Paragraph Essay: How do we live with the consequences of our decision making?


2. Write Chapter 13: “Gift of the Goddess.” Write a final chapter to the novel that begins with the last paragraph of Chapter 12. Maintain an omniscient point of view. Consider the following ideas (you do not have to use any of them).

  • The officer may or may be familiar with Ralph’s father.
  • The officer reveals to the survivors that the rescue ship has a morgue with two corpses.
  • The rescue ship has a telegraph which allows the Officer to send a message home to the boys parents.
  • There is a Catholic priest – a Chaplan – on the ship for the boys to talk to.
  • The damage caused by WW 2 is real, not fictional. The world has sustained only damage that is indeed historically accurate.
  • The boys have been missing 40 days.
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