Parent Guide: Discover Writing Prompts

Here’s the deal for this OPTIONAL writing activity.

Students can create a new “Discover” post in their iBlog. They can then use the score I give on that post to replace any other “Work From Home” mark in Google Classroom – if that is fair. A mark already in PowerSchool can only go up I offer.

Some students will see the prospect of writing a post as a burden, others will see it as a challenge, while others may see it as a relief. Participation in “Discover” writing prompts is optional.

I offer the choice to “Discover” as an outlet for working through complicated thoughts and feelings during a chaotic time. Students can respond in a variety of genres, media, or format – discover.

Each “Discover” prompt begins with a single word and a few suggestions for getting started.

Ways to support your child:

  • Ask you child if there are any “Work From Home” marks they’d wish to improve.
  • Encourage your child to make the writing personal, the prompts are optional and can be adapted. Be creative, be original, discover.


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