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  • Parent Guide: Coping Mechanisms

    Parent Guide: Coping Mechanisms

    This week in class, we’re reading “Coping Mechanisms” by CommonLit Staff. In “Coping Mechanisms,” the author explains the difference between adaptive and maladaptive coping mechanisms. As we read, we will be discussing the theme of Resilience & Success as it relates to the text. We are trying to answer this big question : “How does a person […]

  • Parent Guide: Nice Chimps

    Parent Guide: Nice Chimps

    This week in class, we’re reading “Nice Chimps” by Emily Sohn. In the informational text “Nice Chimps,” Emily Sohn discusses a study that explores the altruistic nature of young children and chimpanzees. As we read, we will be discussing the theme of Education & Knowledge as it relates to the text. We are trying to answer this […]

  • Parent Guide: Readtheory KP Goal (50)

    Students will be assigned a Readtheory goal in Google Classroom that depends on their accumulated “Knowledge Point” score or KP. You can help support your child’s learning by asking them to show you their “Readtheory Dashboard” and recording their “Knowledge Point” total at the beginning of the week.  Periodically check that that number is increasing […]

  • Parent Guide: Nice Kids Finish First

    Parent Guide: Nice Kids Finish First

    This week in class, we’re reading “Nice Kids Finish First: Study Finds Social Skills Can Predict Future Success” by Audie Cornish. This interview from NPR’s All Things Considered, hosted by Audie Cornish, discusses a recent study’s findings that children who demonstrate more ‘pro-social’ skills – those who share more and who are better listeners – are more […]

  • Parent Guide: Life Skills

    Parent Guide: Life Skills

    This week in class, we’re reading “Life Skills” by Set to Go. The informational text “Life Skills” explains the skills necessary for independence, health, and emotional well-being. As your child reads, they will be considering the theme of Growing Up as it relates to the text. They are trying to answer this big question : […]

  • Romeo and Juliet: Before You Read

    First: Consider each of the following questions and write a post in your blog inspired by your thinking. What stories, plays, or TV shows have you seen in which a young couple in love were determined to have their happiness? How did they turn out? Compare two that you remember. Describe some of the features […]

  • Prepping for ELA 9 Achievement Test?

    Part A of the Alberta ELA 9 Achievement test is itself in 2 parts: Narrative/Essay Business Letter Suggestions for Preparing to Write the Narrative/Essay: Assessment of the Narrative / Essay Writing Assignment on the achievement test will be in the context of Louise Rosenblatt’s suggestion that “the evaluation of the answers would be in terms […]

  • Poetry Contest for Grades 9 and 10

    A while back I received the following invitation: “A Panacea of Poetry East Central is having a poetry contest! It will be positively poetic and panoptic! The first phase we undertook in Grades 9 and 10 was to explore Ladders to the Dark. The first poem was published, April 21, 2009. And today 38 students […]

  • Crossword Puzzle: “Who Am I?”

    Create a “Who Am I?” crossword puzzle for your group/class. get every person’s name to fit somewhere get at least one descriptive adverb or adjective for each person in the group get at least one favorite activity listed for each person Example clues: Across: a friendly boy, when he’s not playing basketball Bob’s favorite sport […]

  • What have the “Niners” to Show?

    We asked ourselves these questions. We watched this film. We made many connections to the world here. We used this software. We wrote these.