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  • Better directions for In The News assignments for L.A. 9

    Pick a question(s) from “The Human Condition” course focus questions. Read a news story(or 3-5 related stories) that in some way explore “The Human Condition.” (adding RSS widgets from is a great way to do this.) Write about the news while at the same time responding to the focus question(s). Make sure your writing […]

  • Why do we do what we do?

    Monday evening, after the kids went to bed, I sat on the couch watching “Terminator” immersing myself in my weekly paranoia about machines one day bringing an end to humanity. The gist of this episode, like the films, put the basic humanness of its otherwise innocent characters on a bleak collision course with a war […]

  • LA 9 to Compare two films: Apples to Apples

    I’d like some help considering what pair of films we ought to study in LA 9. Keeping in mind our course focus questions, what pair of films should we study in class? Why We Fight vs. The Atomic Cafe Artificial Intelligence: AI vs. I, Robot Hoosiers vs. Rudy Godzilla vs. King Kong Close Encounters of […]

  • Book Reviews for LA 9

    Today I was asked: “How do I write a book review?” Here’s a quick trip about what I found:  My first stop was at Amazon. With each book is a snippet of a responses from readers/buyers/sellers. The purpose of the reviews are simple – take a few seconds to write a sharply worded sentence or two […]

  • Microcontents Flourish at STJ Blogs (LA 9)

    Thanks to a few bloggers for helping me work out the bugs in the microcontent code. Movie, music, and video game reviews appear to be the most popular. I still haven’t, yet, found a sure fire method of aggregating all the reviews – POGE. The looks promising. Anyway, for the time being, trackback your […]

  • Blogging About the News (LA 9)

    Students can collect news headlines from a variety of RSS sources using their blog as a news aggregator. Writing about the news is one of the more common uses of a blog throughout the blogosphere. Bloggers blend fact and opinion, rant and satire, sarcasm and criticism, objectivity and subjectivity, style and substance. By reading and […]

  • Catch one of these on your tongue (LA 9)

    The snowflake blog deals out an assortment of writing ideas. Students can pick from a variety of prompts. Try not to make any two posts the same. Send a trackback.

  • Random Ideas (LA 9)

    For a while now, every STJ blogger is faced with a “Random Idea” each time the begin a new post. Well, there should be dozens, hunerds, towsands of such posts in our blogosphere by now. Trackback your “Random Idea” posts here.